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Love don't fear Half Cover Amazon 12.04.18My new book titled: “Love, Don’t Fear” is available now. It is a poetry collection which… oh, hold on… It isn’t for me to tell you what it’s about. I’d like to let the book’s foreword, by Ayọ (Joy Ogunmakin), make this introduction. I could not do it better…

Ayọ is an award-winning singer-songwriter. Her debut album was certified Double-Platinum, Platinum & Gold (respectively) in several European countries. She currently lives in New York and she’s just successfully released her fifth album self-titled “Ayọ”.

“Music can be a weapon or medication…” she said in an interview with Essence Magazine. I feel the same way about poetry… Joy is a beautiful, warm-hearted, strong woman & a world-class songwriter. It is my great privilege to have her introduce “Poems about Love & Fear” to You.

Thank you for reading… 🙂

 FOREWORD¹ to “Love, Don’t Fear”

By Ayọ (Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin)

The opposite of love is not hate – it is fear. Fear always tries to get in the way of love. “Love, Don’t Fear” is like a nice breeze on a hot summer day or a warm blanket on a frigid winter night.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has been or is going through turbulence – not only in romantic affairs like marriage for instance, but also in friendships, family connections and others… It is a book for someone who feels challenged by their relationship and can’t find the words to express how they feel. You will discover your own truth in the emotions of these poems. Your truth may be different than mine, but I believe you will find yourself in them.

This book is powerful, yet it is simple. You might appreciate it even if you’re not a huge fan of poetry since it tends to be complicated. When I started reading “Love. Don’t Fear” I wanted to read the whole book. This is significant because I often start a book, but then leave it unfinished if it’s unable to hold my attention. Structurally, this book is just the right length and its stories flow nicely.

I don’t enjoy having to play Sherlock Holmes trying to read between the lines all the time. I want to hear God speak to me between the lines. The author of this poetry collection is connected. She is on the right search, asks the right questions and doesn’t look for things that don’t need to be found.

These stories are therapeutic because they are written from the right place. The book takes you back to the Power of God. It reminds you that you can move mountains if you only believe.’


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Get the Book on Amazon (


[1] Foreword transcribed & edited by Monika Ribeiro

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