One of the books I published for a client recently debuted on TV, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Yes, my youngest author and her book, “Diary of a Tween”, have made it to THE BBC! 🎉

The excitement of seeing a book you’ve worked on for hours upon hours appear on the small screen is special!

So, here we have the multitalented writer, and TV presenter, Sir Lenny Henry, asking this young author for a signed copy! Sweet!

This, once again, proves that you don’t have to be a prolific writer to become an amazing author. If you have a good story, you only need a little courage and a good publisher. 💯So, subscribe to my email list here for book writing and publishing tips!

Here’s a little visual of this book’s journey, starting at the book launch at St John’s Primary School in Redhill, Surrey, where it was first revealed to the world.

These photos were taken four months ago, so to see “Diary of a Tween” continue making strides keeps making me smile. I wish the young author, Doreen-Zilpah Quansah, and her book a continued success!

Find out more about this book’s creation process on my YouTube channel right here.

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