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Books, old, stacked.Dear Reader,


Follow this blog to discover life (as it is, as it should be and/or could be) wrapped up in beautiful words.

After passing through chaos & pain, these tales will take you on a colourful journey to hope, faith and joy. Find inspiration within this loving blend of Poetry & Stories where you’ll be able to reflect on the human life & relationships… 😉

I am also an education enthusiast, hence you’re likely to find some of that here too. Whether foreign languages or marketing, I just love to learn. Education, for me, however, goes well beyond academics or vocational training. Some of the greatest lessons, as far as I’m concerned, are everyday lessons that come when your heart is ready & you pay attention.


Do Lend Me Yr Ears Amazon E-book 50 con

Love, don't Fear - Book Cover

I am a poet (can’t help it). You might be thinking ‘What do I need poetry for, lady?!’ Well, my poetry is personal, relatable & useful hence I like to call it Poetry to the People’. One lady threatened to sue me for my poem ‘I saw her smile’. She thought it was her life story written & made public, by me, without her permission. It was quite amusing because I didn’t even know her. However, it reinforces my belief that we all have very similar, although different, stories to tell. My poems treat on these, and then convey universal truths encouraging the reader (you) to cherish the good times & navigate through hard times gracefully (power to the people). Click here to find out more about “Do Lend Me Your Ears” or here to find out more about “Love, Don’t Fear.

Is this a Dreamer’s site?

Surely! Although, a more encompassing description would be a Believer’s site…

I hope you will be inspired, entertained and bettered (not to be confused with ‘battered’) because you were here. I hope you will keep on coming back…

Navigate through this blog via its menu, recent posts & categories (the side bar). Take time to share your thoughts with me and do share this space with your family, friends &… enemies too (they’ll become your allies).

Thank you for being here,

Monika 🙂

7 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Monika? Talking about similar experiences? From the first paragraphs about your love for learning to the similarity of our blogs? It’s me! At first sight, we connect. I am following. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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