About Me

website bio photoHi! Thank you for stopping by,

My name is Monika Ribeiro. I am a London-based creative writer and poet with a Master’s degree in marketing and management.

My family and friends expected me to become an ultra successful marketing pro, and I might have done just that if it wasn’t for my love of stories and how they helped me be a better me (still becoming … don’t get me wrong 😉 ). On second thought, I’m quite fascinated by the possibilities of digital marketing, so I might do both after all.

I enjoy being exposed to different cultural expressions, and find inspiration within the Christian philosophy of life. I write because I have to & love to… Writing helps me organize (“organise” if you’re in the UK 🙂 ) thoughts, understand life & address vital matters in a constructive way.

Monika Ribeiro portfolioI have contributed to various UK based publications e.g. magazines, blogs as well as radio & TV shows. I hope to continue using books and other platforms to help you find peace & entertainment within beautifully written or spoken words.

I hope you enjoy my stories and that they’ll help you be a better you too.

Please stick around and stay inspired.


To find out more ‘About this Blog’ please go to:

https://monikaribeiro.net/about-the-blog/ 😉

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