About Me

Hey! My name is Monika Ribeiro aka Monika Beata Ogunmakin. I am a Polish Nigerian storyteller living in London, UK, for almost two decades…

Yes, Ribeiro is a Portuguese surname, but I won’t even bother explaining that for now. 😉

By the way, this picture of me was taken somewhere in Lisbon – Portugal, on a very windy day… Writing is what helps me calm the storms in my soul…

Once upon a time, my heart got hijacked by… poetry… I still love it but am no longer its captive. With that said, I did publish two poetry/short story collections “Love, don’t Fear” and “Do Lend Me Your Ears”. You can find them on Amazon…

As a trained editor and journalist, I enjoy helping others write too!

Monika Ribeiro portfolioI used to contribute to various UK based publications. Still do, sometimes. I just love stories and how they help people become better by inspiring, entertaining and educating…

Okay, fine! Not all stories come bearing good gifts. Some tales are villains! Yet, I expect my written words to do the above mentioned, always. Please tell me if you think they comply.

My favourite Polish dish? Pierogi aka Dumplings… Nigerian? Akara… But that often changes… I thought you might want to know. 😉

If You Need Professional Writing/Editing Help Find Out More Here or Get in Touch.

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