About This Writer

website bio photoMonika Beata Francisco-Ribeiro is a writer and a poet who after completing a Master’s degree Course in Marketing and having experienced a piece of the corporate world of business  found a deep desire to explore creative writing and performing arts.

Monika was born and raised in Poland (born to Nigerian father and Polish mother). Currently a resident of London married to a Ghanaian; she continues to enjoy the exposure to many different cultural expressions all of which influence who she is, how she thinks and what she writes about.

In a hope of being able to choose only the best from all of the above influences she relies on the Christian faith and philosophy – the very ones she trusts to bring order into her mind and distinction into her art.

Monika Ribeiro portfolioHaving contributed to various UK based publications including ‘Black Heritage Today’, ‘Nigeria’, ‘International woman’s month’ magazines and others she is preparing to release her first book.

Asked why she writes Monika answers, “I have to and love to…”

Different types of written expression are a form of therapy for the writer. The art of putting words together helps her to explain life, with the smaller and larger issues it brings…

Equally, Monika hopes to continue using the platform to help others find peace while in a search for entertainment and to find entertainment while in a search for peace…

To find out more ‘About this Blog’ please go to:

https://monikaribeiro.net/about-the-blog/ 😉

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