‘Yellow cards & hearts’

YellowCard 1

There was once a yellow card

Stapled to a little heart…

It said, ‘you’re not good enough!’

Whispered that she’s bad.

It came at a time

When much seemed unsure

New place, new life, new pain –

While others were dancing

She walked in the rain…

Still, via these uneven roads, they  came

One card, two cards, three cards, four,

Five cards, six cards. Red card! More?!

One by one they came – again & again.

No questions, no mercy!

No face and no smile!

None was even handed in –

Only stapled… to her heart.

These cards saw her tears,

but they wouldn’t yield –

‘This life isn’t just’, they said. 

‘This is not a football field!’

She was but a little girl…

And life wasn’t fair!

Yet, her pain was not in vain…

 Even then, her God was there.