Story of a Broken Friendship

Have you ever lost a friend? Well, listen to the story about an umbrella which had lost a very good friend and really took it to heart. This story has a happy ending though. 🙂 Sometimes, when friends leave it is only to make space for the new ones. Yet, the umbrella had to go through stages (sadness, anger,  grief and forgiveness) to be ready … Continue reading Story of a Broken Friendship

Story of a Broken Friendship

Once upon a time, a fine umbrella was left behind It happened so fast, a man jumped on his train Forgetting his fine umbrella That had sheltered him from the rain… . Umbrella laid motionless on the station’s bench Frightened it would be picked up & thrown in a trench It was closed, no longer open, very very sad – Unable to understand why life … Continue reading Story of a Broken Friendship

Make Your House a Home

A wife and a mother started praying, one night For professional success, for her business to thrive.  . God, You see me hassling I’ve been working so hard… I’ve been putting a lot in, And getting so little out… . She prayed and she prayed, every night & day All she’d heard was silence till she heard Him say:  . Your home is a house. Selah… Nothing’s wrong with your efforts Nothing’s wrong with … Continue reading Make Your House a Home

Do Lend Me Your Ears

I am so pleased to let you know that my book “Do Lend Me Your Ears” is available right now. This collection of poems & short stories is designed to entertain and empower. The book’s ‘tales’ often begin amid life’s conflicts & complicated relationships with oneself, God & men. They will, however, take you on a quest to unexpected resolutions & positive transformations. It is a book of emotionally … Continue reading Do Lend Me Your Ears