There She Goes Away – Poem

. Here she comes again… . And she takes my peace away Then, she steals my energy She says it’s too late for my life to change! . Here she comes again… .  And I run, so much faster than I should, Or freeze disabled by ‘I wish I could’ Unable to hear – unable to see…  . Here she comes again… . She is the cunning first cousin of fear She’s so slick. … Continue reading There She Goes Away – Poem

OMG, I Love Your Hair!

. OMG! I love your hair! I hear, yet again . Question: Is IT an artistic or political statement? ‘None of the above’, I claim… Question: ‘Is it really yours?’ ‘Yes, I guess. I didn’t pay’ . ‘Amazing! Great!’ ‘Although,’ (me again) ‘I can’t keep it when I’m dead. So, can I really say it is mine…? Yes, I guess, but no – it’s not…’ … Continue reading OMG, I Love Your Hair!

Human Disasters – London Tower

. What happened to you makes no sense, it makes me cry This shouldn’t have happened – you did not have to die… . What happened to you makes you mad, it makes you cry Children thrown out of windows? Why? They cannot fly … . Why? . There’s not enough water – London towers rise so high There’s not enough help! There’s not enough time!!! … Continue reading Human Disasters – London Tower