Talking with a Mother – Short Story

While they seat in their big houses, I’m wondering how to tell my children that we must move out of our tiny flat, and that I don’t know where we’re going to… –    ‘Must we leave our friends? Must we change our school?’ They ask, and I feel like running away, but they have only me, so I have to stay. I go to the powers that be … Continue reading Talking with a Mother – Short Story

There She Goes Away – Poem

. Here she comes again… . And she takes my peace away Then, she steals my energy She says it’s too late for my life to change! . Here she comes again… .  And I run, so much faster than I should, Or freeze disabled by ‘I wish I could’ Unable to hear – unable to see…  . Here she comes again… . She is the cunning first cousin of fear She’s so slick. … Continue reading There She Goes Away – Poem

Quick! Before the Drama Blooms! Poem

♥ They have seen too many fights Teary days & weary nights . Respect, trust, Communication Seem like ancient arts . Instead, there are… . Fast flying arrows By a rebellious Cupid And mean accusations Some way beyond stupid . Whenever she wins a battle She knows she has lost When she opens her mouth Her heart becomes closed . She can’t hear his heart … Continue reading Quick! Before the Drama Blooms! Poem

Human Disasters – London Tower

. What happened to you makes no sense, it makes me cry This shouldn’t have happened – you did not have to die… . What happened to you makes you mad, it makes you cry Children thrown out of windows? Why? They cannot fly … . Why? . There’s not enough water – London towers rise so high There’s not enough help! There’s not enough time!!! … Continue reading Human Disasters – London Tower

Make Your House a Home

A wife and a mother started praying, one night For professional success, for her business to thrive.  . God, You see me hassling I’ve been working so hard… I’ve been putting a lot in, And getting so little out… . She prayed and she prayed, every night & day All she’d heard was silence till she heard Him say:  . Your home is a house. Selah… Nothing’s wrong with your efforts Nothing’s wrong with … Continue reading Make Your House a Home