This Feeling – Poem

angry face

What you gave me tonight…

I am talking ‘bout this feeling

Didn’t drive me up the wall –

It did drive me up the ceiling!


I would like to say some words

Decent people shouldn’t share

I would also like to show you

How much I don’t care…


I would, but I won’t…


Not because I’m scared

Not because I don’t know how,

but because there’s enough drama

We don’t need another row


There’s pain on the left

There’s pain on the right

I won’t let your careless thoughts

Rot and stink inside my mind…


I must own my own feeling

I need to do it today

I can’t let your ignorance

Ruin everybody’s day…


I must dispose of this feeling

As if it’s rubbish or clutter

I need to save my strength for tomorrow

For battles that really matter.

Broken Poets


Your mind’s complicated – it gets so intense.

 It’s a trait quite familiar which I understand.

You hunger for life

& always want more, more, more,

Yet you find yourself, once more, at death’s door.

Bottles, needles, blood and sex…

A passer-away becoming The Ex

Emphasis on ‘The’, in a poet’s head.

You break easily

Dancing to the tune of

Your goddess i.e. poetry.

Without The Poet & The Story

Your brokenness surpasses…

…Surpasses your glory…


Broken Poet, I hear your heart

Crack… Break… & split wide open…

You can’t mend it with a pen…,

So Return…

Return to…

The beginning of our tale – reassess!

In the beginning was the Word for

The Broken Poet & the Poetess.


By Monika Ribeiro


Dedicated to Adam