Human Disasters – London Tower

. What happened to you makes no sense, it makes me cry This shouldn’t have happened – you did not have to die… . What happened to you makes you mad, it makes you cry Children thrown out of windows? Why? They cannot fly … . Why? . There’s not enough water – London towers rise so high There’s not enough help! There’s not enough time!!! … Continue reading Human Disasters – London Tower

Treasure in a Girl

Image Copyright Protected  . She wants to be pleasing to her mum and dad She feels like she’s not…, again and again She’s their little girl, and although they love Often times, they fail to express it well.   . She’s a beautiful girl, and a mighty force Her name’s Wise and Strong. There is wisdom hidden deep within her heart It just needs to grow… to show…   … Continue reading Treasure in a Girl

Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Today, people in the UK celebrate the strength of a mother. We appreciate how sacrificial, powerful, and instrumental she is in our lives… Yet, this poem approaches motherhood from a slightly different angle. This is a piece about her strength, but it is about her humanity as well.  It culminates in the revelation of the Source of that strength which we love to celebrate & admire. Happy Mother’s Day! MOTHER’S SECRETS *** Many times, mama … Continue reading Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Do Lend Me Your Ears

I am so pleased to let you know that my book “Do Lend Me Your Ears” is available right now. This collection of poems & short stories is designed to entertain and empower. The book’s ‘tales’ often begin amid life’s conflicts & complicated relationships with oneself, God & men. They will, however, take you on a quest to unexpected resolutions & positive transformations. It is a book of emotionally … Continue reading Do Lend Me Your Ears