Poetry Evening – Only 7 Days Away

I’m beginning to get those butterflies whenever I think that my first poetry evening in years is only 7 days away! Thank God, in spite of initial roadblocks, I’m calm and positive about it… All in all, those are friendly butterflies – they can stay, for now, as long as they don’t misbehave. It’s not butterflies that make this event special though, but the artists … Continue reading Poetry Evening – Only 7 Days Away

Grenfell Tower – Poem/Tribute

What happened to you makes no sense, it makes me cry It should not have happened – you did not have to die. .  What happened to you makes you mad, it makes you cry Children thrown out of windows though they cannot fly… . Why?  . There’s not enough water – London towers rise high There’s not enough help! There’s not enough time!!!  . This … Continue reading Grenfell Tower – Poem/Tribute