Grenfell Tower – Poem/Tribute

What happened to you makes no sense, it makes me cry It should not have happened – you did not have to die. .  What happened to you makes you mad, it makes you cry Children thrown out of windows though they cannot fly… . Why?  . There’s not enough water – London towers rise high There’s not enough help! There’s not enough time!!!  . This … Continue reading Grenfell Tower – Poem/Tribute

Keep Swimming – Poem

… A brief definition of a beach, by me – Soft & golden sand with a fresh breeze & the sea Yet, this shore, right here, without one grain of sand Is believed to be qualified. I believe, but not quite… … Well… Sea? Checked. Breeze? Checked. But then.., stones – and sooo haaard! ….. In my mind, there’s a memory of a soft & smooth beach Without the soft sand, … Continue reading Keep Swimming – Poem