Number Seven – Poem

Even when I do all 6 tasks just right You still focus on the seventh Which is done, just not quite… . Your kudos last but a minute Criticisms never stop It’s annoying just like dripping water Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop (it) . 7 is a symbol… of perfection Is that what is needed to avoid rejection? How about 6.99? Will 6.99 secure your … Continue reading Number Seven – Poem

Excuses for Loving You – Poem

. I love you because when I told you to go You said you would not and you didn’t budge You are dark & sweet. You’re my favourite thing Way ahead of chocolate – even chocolate fudge! . I love when you look at me like a little boy Who’s just been presented with his favorite toy Stimulating my soul in untainted liberation 😊 I like how … Continue reading Excuses for Loving You – Poem

OMG, I Love Your Hair!

. OMG! I love your hair! I hear, yet again . Question: Is IT an artistic or political statement? ‘None of the above’, I claim… Question: ‘Is it really yours?’ ‘Yes, I guess. I didn’t pay’ . ‘Amazing! Great!’ ‘Although,’ (me again) ‘I can’t keep it when I’m dead. So, can I really say it is mine…? Yes, I guess, but no – it’s not…’ … Continue reading OMG, I Love Your Hair!