Manuscript Editing Tips – Nonfiction

Nonfiction manuscript editing can be challenging if you aren’t sure what to look out for. Yet, the better your manuscript is before you pass it onto a book editor the better the final product will be. So, where should you start self-editing? Structure Focus on story structure, its clarity and flow. For example, when I edit my articles or blog posts, I want every paragraph … Continue reading Manuscript Editing Tips – Nonfiction

Creative Writing – Novels vs. Nonfiction vs. Poetry

I’m a trained non fiction editor and journalist. I’m also a self-taught poet with two poetry books to my name. I enjoy locating problems with non fiction pieces and love seeing the fruits of good editing. Non fiction writing and editing are relatively straight forward. They’re all about reality and research. You don’t have to remember made up characters nor look for creative ways to … Continue reading Creative Writing – Novels vs. Nonfiction vs. Poetry