Story of a Broken Friendship

umbrella and girl

Once upon a time, a fine umbrella was left behind

It happened so fast, a man jumped on his train

Forgetting his fine umbrella

That had sheltered him from the rain…


Umbrella laid motionless on the station’s bench

Frightened it would be picked up & thrown in a trench

It was closed, no longer open, very very sad –

Unable to understand why life got so bad


It remembered the early days of flaunting its price tag

 “Wait! You have forgotten me! I’m not in your bag!”


Questions and a guessing game forced it to contend

Yes, okay – during a strong wind I do tend to bend,

but I have been good to you. I am a good friend?

Could you please forgive me? I’m sorry I bend 😦


Confused, emotionally drained,

Silence feels so loud…

The umbrella bursts in tears

Whilst its sadness turns to wrath


“I’ve been there for years & lasted through many a storm!

Why have you abandoned me?! Did I not conform?

Will you now exchange me for a friend that’s fake?!

You know how they are – tiny winds & they break!”


The umbrella’s heart was broken & needed to mend,

so it wrote a ‘goodbye’ letter never to be sent:


‘Though I’m truly sorry our love had to end

Thank you for our time together

You were a good friend

I pray the Sun shines

When you’re off that train

I pray you are not alone at the time of rain

I wish you another faithful and a solid friend

One that wouldn’t break, although it might bend’


The end.


Oh wait, wait, not yet…


A girl sits down on the bench to wait for her train

She looks up & thinks, ‘No doubt, it will rain.’

She picks the umbrella up, with joy in her eyes

She opens it up & flaunts it in front of the skies

 ‘I’m back in the game!’ The umbrella thinks & smiles. 😊


“Almighty Gut”


Ha! Back then, when she was young

He was… nowhere to be found…

Yet, he had the guts to show up right now!

 Something’s wrong with her. Why is she so glad?!


That young girl had not a chance to tell him her dreams

Yet, her dreams of today – he knows about these…


His nod adds more strength to her stretched out wings



Baba… was absent while

She searched for a man

To hold her young hand;



He was the very one

To give it away

On her wedding day 🙂


Today is the only day that one truly has

Right now is the moment which counts

Right here is the place where one truly is

Not was, or will be… It’s alright, Papi 🙂


The first chapters of our story

Are filled with blank pages, I know

But these chapters that we live in

Encourage my soul…


I appreciate your being

Here & now and there & then

It took guts to move beyond

That old, bad mistake.


I am glad that I can say

‘Happy Father’s Day!’,

To you, dad… I am glad…

Almighty Baba gave you an Almighty Gut 🙂



Baba: Father

Papi: daddy