Talking with a Mother – Short Story

While they seat in their big houses, I’m wondering how to tell my children that we must move out of our tiny flat, and that I don’t know where we’re going to… –    ‘Must we leave our friends? Must we change our school?’ They ask, and I feel like running away, but they have only me, so I have to stay. I go to the powers that be … Continue reading Talking with a Mother – Short Story

Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Today, people in the UK celebrate the strength of a mother. We appreciate how sacrificial, powerful, and instrumental she is in our lives… Yet, this poem approaches motherhood from a slightly different angle. This is a piece about her strength, but it is about her humanity as well.  It culminates in the revelation of the Source of that strength which we love to celebrate & admire. Happy Mother’s Day! MOTHER’S SECRETS *** Many times, mama … Continue reading Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Happy Mother’s Day – each day :)

  For the written version of this poem, please click on this link:“Poetry to the People” page… 🙂 Happy Mothering Sunday !!!                                 Szczęśliwego Dnia Matki !!!                                                             Feliz Dia de la Madre !!! Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day – each day 🙂