Art of Books – Start Them Young

My kids and I have just visited the British Library for the very first time. Loooved it! Would you agree that there’s beauty in being surrounded by books, books, and… you guessed it… more books? I was amazed by the King’s Library and the ancient historical treasure Codex Sinaiticus (Sinai Bible) displayed in one of BL’s exhibitions. Reportedly, the latter was produced in the middle of … Continue reading Art of Books – Start Them Young

Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Today, people in the UK celebrate the strength of a mother. We appreciate how sacrificial, powerful, and instrumental she is in our lives… Yet, this poem approaches motherhood from a slightly different angle. This is a piece about her strength, but it is about her humanity as well.  It culminates in the revelation of the Source of that strength which we love to celebrate & admire. Happy Mother’s Day! MOTHER’S SECRETS *** Many times, mama … Continue reading Mother’s Secrets – Poem

“Little Big Mama/Papa…”

In most cultures, the mother symbolizes selflessness. She is  perceived as a phenomenon of endless dedication to those placed under her care. Nevertheless, there seems to be a fine line between parental devotion and martyrdom… In Poland, the phrase “Matka Polka” (translate “Polish Mother”) is used mainly for honourable causes. One of the largest highly specialized medical complexes in the country is named “Polish Mother’s Memorial … Continue reading “Little Big Mama/Papa…”