‘Love Don’t Fear’ Collaborations

POETRY AND BOOKS One of the greatest American novelists Ernest Hemingway is quoted to have said “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” And yes, writing is solitary – it requires concentration and dedication, but that’s not what this post is about… This post is about collaboration. “Love Don’t Fear” is filled with relationship stories, hence my need to share the book’s creation process … Continue reading ‘Love Don’t Fear’ Collaborations

Poetry, Writing, Publishing, Interview…

. Real writers write today They do not wait until tomorrow Real writers paint the truth – Aware that joy comes after its sorrow . Real writers know that the gift Comes from the heavens above Real writers stand up to fear of being misread or unloved . Real writers are not afraid Of being called a fluke or a fake Real writers write for the … Continue reading Poetry, Writing, Publishing, Interview…

Remember Your Future – Poem

Remember your future When the past is bleak Remember Tomorrow When you’ve had a tough week or a year, even many tough years… That have left you discouraged and weak  . I pray for your strength When you’re weary and drained That you focus your mind On remembering good days Again, and again, and again…   . Just remember your future, Picture it in your mind Decide … Continue reading Remember Your Future – Poem

Happy Mother’s Day – each day :)

  For the written version of this poem, please click on this link:“Poetry to the People” page… 🙂 Happy Mothering Sunday !!!                                 Szczęśliwego Dnia Matki !!!                                                             Feliz Dia de la Madre !!! Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day – each day 🙂