Where are you growing to? – Poem

Woman - Sunflowers


“You are rising too fast

You are aiming too high…

Courage is foolish –

Brave people die!”


‘Where are you growing to?’

‘Why such a rush? They’ll implore

‘It’s just your pride…’ They will add…

‘We don’t believe you should take the floor!’


Yes, one should challenge oneself

And one must question their thoughts…

Not to succumb to misleading voices

or misdirection of untamable wants…


Where are we growing to?

Are we growing at all?

Are we rising to greatness?

Or preparing to fall?


Reaching out to heavens,

Or in the other direction?

Are our minds filled with ego?

Or with divine perception?


If you’re growing the right way

There is no need to explain…

Critics won’t go away

They will forever remain…


So, keep on growing to where

You were created to grow…

Don’t let the skeptics define you

Enticing your mind to stay small


So… what about you?

Where are you growing to?


Our days are numbered you see

We have limited minutes and hours

After the danger of spring frost is past –

Have courage to bloom… like Sunflowers!


‘They lied about chocolate!’


They lied about chocolate

They said it makes you smile!

Yet, how it steals that smile (it takes a while)

They just forgot to add…


They lied about whole-grains

They said they taste like crap!

Yet, that they give you more strength

They just forgot to add…


They lied about life

They said it ends on Earth,

They have convinced the world

One dies and lives for SELF…


They lied about a lot of things

They spread so many lies…

If they could lie ’bout whole-grains

Of course, they’d lie about God!