Where are you growing to? – Poem

. “You are rising too fast You are aiming too high… Courage is foolish – Brave people die!” . ‘Where are you growing to?’ ‘Why such a rush? They’ll implore ‘It’s just your pride…’ They will add… ‘We don’t believe you should take the floor!’ . Yes, one should challenge oneself And one must question their thoughts… Not to succumb to misleading voices or misdirection of untamable wants… . … Continue reading Where are you growing to? – Poem

‘They lied about chocolate!’

They lied about chocolate They said it makes you smile! Yet, how it steals that smile (it takes a while) They just forgot to add…   They lied about whole-grains They said they taste like crap! Yet, that they give you more strength They just forgot to add…   They lied about life They said it ends on Earth, They have convinced the world One dies and lives for SELF…   … Continue reading ‘They lied about chocolate!’