Get Free & Stay There – Poem

put on some music


There are fervent desires hunting for each soul

Don’t let them imprison you. Learn to let things go


When it hurts to not have what you think you need

Release and defy it – let your mind “stay freed”


Learn to wait and believe – learn to let it go

Find a happy medium. Take your time to grow

In the meantime,


Relax… Hear the silence and dance…

Life need not be this complicated, and you only live once


Free yourself… Don’t be hasty. Be grateful today

When the time is right things will come your way.


“Beach & Sand”

“Beach & Sand” is a reflection born out of a long, ‘lonely’, early morning walk on a beautiful Polish beach and a brief conversation about the British seaside with a colleague of mine. Yet, mostly, it is born out of experiences & teachings which keep on reminding me about the following fact:

Sometimes, what feels good is good only short-term, yet not necessarily in the long-term scenario

Years ago, I made a “shocking discovery” – British beaches (at least the ones I’ve come to know so far) are made out of pebbles (small stones)… Ouch! 🙂


“Beach & Sand”

A brief definition of a beach, by me –

Soft & golden sand with fresh breeze & wet sea


Yet, this shore, right here, without one grain of sand

Is believed to have qualified. I believe, but not quite…




Well… Sea? Checked. Breeze? Checked.

But then.., stones – oh, so haaard! 

In my mind, there’s a memory of a soft & smooth beach,

And, without the sand, my bare feet feel so… eek!


Rocks are great, no doubt, for the ‘mountain time’

Yet, each beach, in my mind, requires… the sand…


Then again, second thought,

The above – disregard…


As despite of my painful feet

Which from pebbles bleed,


I prefer to keep swimming

In the sea bottomed hard,


Than to drown in the one

Underlaid with soft sand…


Final thought:

“Just keep swimming” Dori from “Finding Nemo”