Talking with a Mother – Short Story

While they seat in their big houses, I’m wondering how to tell my children that we must move out of our tiny flat, and that I don’t know where we’re going to… –    ‘Must we leave our friends? Must we change our school?’ They ask, and I feel like running away, but they have only me, so I have to stay. I go to the powers that be … Continue reading Talking with a Mother – Short Story

Treasure in a Girl

Image Copyright Protected  . She wants to be pleasing to her mum and dad She feels like she’s not…, again and again She’s their little girl, and although they love Often times, they fail to express it well.   . She’s a beautiful girl, and a mighty force Her name’s Wise and Strong. There is wisdom hidden deep within her heart It just needs to grow… to show…   … Continue reading Treasure in a Girl