Let’s Make the Most of Our Time…

My 2019 ended… well… with passing away of one of my mentors and friends. Mine and other journalists’ tributes have just been published by the Voice News. And, I couldn’t start 2020 without acknowledging the impact this editor/publisher and friend had on my writing and life.

“…Barbara Campbell trained me as a journalist while I was freelancing for Black Heritage Today and International Women’s Month magazines. She taught me how to write feature articles, conduct journalistic interviews, research and more. She welcomed me into her home and heart as well.

“I remember proudly presenting my first feature to her. It was embellished – quite “flowery”. She cut so much out. I got upset thinking she took my soul out of the piece. I then showed it to my friend who had read the original. She didn’t hesitate to tell me that Barbara’s pen made it better. So, I decided to stop mourning my style and started paying attention. 


“Barbara knew exactly what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. Her heart bled for the black community and for black stories to be told the RIGHT WAY. I could see a flame in her eyes when she spoke about how much the community needed positive role models and narratives. That passion drove her and made her fight tirelessly against financial, physical and all other odds. It was tough on her, especially towards the end. Sometimes, I think she sacrificed her life for it.”

Speaking about the lasting impact that Campbell had on her life, Ribeiro says:

“These few words are not enough to summarise the impact she made on me as a writer. When I decided not to pursue journalism, she encouraged my poetry and gave me a poet’s corner in Black Heritage Today. In one of her recommendations, she said ‘…Anytime, she is performing l hope to be there – cheering from the front!’ Sadly, she never made it to my shows, but I still hear her voice in my head reminding me to use the word ‘reportedly’ just in case… I edit my stories the way she taught me. Her heart and skills are part of my writing. She was an excellent journalist, editor, boss lady, teacher and friend…”

Please read the rest of mine and other tributes on the Voice News Website.

I wish you and myself a Happy New Year. Let’s make the most of our time here and let’s appreciate friends and family while there’s still time.

“Little Big Mama/Papa…”

Mama Snail
Mama Snail

In most cultures, the mother symbolizes selflessness. She is  perceived as a phenomenon of endless dedication to those placed under her care. Nevertheless, there seems to be a fine line between parental devotion and martyrdom…

In Poland, the phrase “Matka Polka” (translate “Polish Mother”) is used mainly for honourable causes. One of the largest highly specialized medical complexes in the country is named “Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital…” In 1830, Matka Polka became the respected recipient of a poem written by Adam Mickiewicz (a celebrated Polish writer). Paradoxically still, over the years, the same phrase began to be commonly associated with the futility of motherhood. Sadly, in many eyes, “Matka Polka”, in spite of her sacrificial devotion to family, is seen as a woman unfulfilled and un-inspiring…

Since becoming a mom, even my small everyday decisions require some form of consideration for others. Life changes when you step into parental shoes, no doubt. The time, which you once thought was yours, no longer even pretends to belong to you; and many things, once estimated to be accomplished in no time, now take longer.

Milton Berle (American comedian/actor) said: “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” This rhetorical question, in a humorous way, illustrates how daunting motherhood can get sometimes. At some point, the world of a servant-less mother must accommodate numerous demands and messy issues, no matter how often ‘the laundry’ gets done. Moreover, nowadays, being a mother rarely exempts one from having to take care of other responsibilities…

Today’s world glorifies achievement. Everything moves fast – technology, cars, and people. Add the obsession with self, and there you have it – an ordinary mom’s profile comparable to that of a snail, which we all know to be on the smaller/slower side of things. Whenever I feel smaller and slower than the rest, due to motherhood, my heart is blessed to hear the following words: “What you’re doing is very important and significant.”

These words may just be what you need to hear right now.

You are an artist with a high callingone of the pioneers and very influential creators given to paint on the unique canvas of your child’s heart and soul. Your efforts may go unnoticed by people, but Heaven sees the most subtle of your brushstrokes… You are precious… Remember this because you will not always have someone there to remind you.

Little big mom, we need your strength and we need your smile 🙂

Dedicated to mothers, fathers and others… whose lives are strongly devoted to the needs of people.


Sometimes, it may feel like

We were left behind…

With dust in our eyes

From another’s wheels…


Keep it moving though…

As slow as you must and as fast as you can

There’s a time and a season for each one –

Even Mom.