I Miss You – Poem

Miss You Pic


You’re happy & well, I hear

Yet, I miss you… I so miss you, dear

Yesterday, I was instructed not to show my tears

It has only been a week, but it felt like years…


Yet, I’m not allowed to say I miss you

They say if I speak I’ll offend a few…

‘You’ve got to be quiet. You’ve got to be strong!’

They say it so loud without saying a word


Yet, I miss you like

Flowers miss bees & bees miss their honey

I so love you like

Banks love their fees & like bankers love money


Boy, I miss you like

The world misses lies & like God misses men

And I love you like

Writers love stories & like stories love to end


My hands need your skin

My nose needs your smell

I miss you & miss you & it feels like hell

And I want to cry, and I want to yell


Yet, I stay silent, although true to me,

I just need to wait. I just need to be…

Without you, except in my memories

Hoping that I won’t have to wait centuries.


Letting IT go

Let it Go Lion Pic Big
Image Copyright Protected

Your mind is a lion, and a powerful tool

Will it roar or puff gently? Will IT torture you?


When a  strong desire arrests our soul

We need the power to just let IT go…


When it hurts to not have what we think we deserve

It is time to release this need to preserve.


Our lives… are more noble when we learn to let go

Our bodies get healthier, we are able to grow


Let IT go… Be joyful & grateful, Today

When the time is right, IT will come your way