Remember Your Future – Poem

Hope Endures

Remember your future

When the past is bleak

Remember Tomorrow

When you’ve had a tough week

or a year, even many tough years…

That have left you discouraged and weak


I pray for your strength

When you’re weary and drained

That you focus your mind

On remembering good days

Again, and again, and again…


Just remember your future,

Picture it in your mind

Decide what you want

What it will be like…


Stop remembering your past

Don’t repeat old mistakes

Start remembering your future

Let it find you prepared ♥


This Feeling – Poem

angry face

What you gave me tonight…

I am talking ‘bout this feeling

Didn’t drive me up the wall –

It did drive me up the ceiling!


I would like to say some words

Decent people shouldn’t share

I would also like to show you

How much I don’t care…


I would, but I won’t…


Not because I’m scared

Not because I don’t know how,

but because there’s enough drama

We don’t need another row


There’s pain on the left

There’s pain on the right

I won’t let your careless thoughts

Rot and stink inside my mind…


I must own my own feeling

I need to do it today

I can’t let your ignorance

Ruin everybody’s day…


I must dispose of this feeling

As if it’s rubbish or clutter

I need to save my strength for tomorrow

For battles that really matter.

“Beach & Sand”

“Beach & Sand” is a reflection born out of a long, ‘lonely’, early morning walk on a beautiful Polish beach and a brief conversation about the British seaside with a colleague of mine. Yet, mostly, it is born out of experiences & teachings which keep on reminding me about the following fact:

Sometimes, what feels good is good only short-term, yet not necessarily in the long-term scenario

Years ago, I made a “shocking discovery” – British beaches (at least the ones I’ve come to know so far) are made out of pebbles (small stones)… Ouch! 🙂


“Beach & Sand”

A brief definition of a beach, by me –

Soft & golden sand with a fresh breeze & the sea


Yet, this shore, right here, without one grain of sand

Is believed to have qualified. I believe, but not quite…




Well… Sea? Checked. Breeze? Checked.

But then.., stones – oh, so haaard! 

In my mind, there’s a memory of a soft & smooth beach,

And, without the sand, my bare feet feel so… eek!


Rocks are great, no doubt, for the ‘mountain time’

Yet, each beach, in my mind, requires… the sand…


Then again, second thought,

The above – disregard…


As despite of my painful feet

Which from pebbles bleed,


I prefer to keep swimming

In the sea bottomed hard,


Than to drown in the one

Underlaid with soft sand…


Final thought:

“Just keep swimming” Dori from “Finding Nemo”

‘Enjoying life without anger and bitterness.’

Hi everyone,

I wonder if you ever felt angry, bitter, or just frustrated maybe… I have, on more than one occasion. As I continue to overcome these feelings whenever they rear their ugly heads in my life, I also want to share with you hoping to help increase your strength in this fight.

Upon the request of Defyingmentalillness I blogged a piece titled “Enjoying life without anger and bitterness.” (click) There is a way out of sadness, madness and so on… I hope that the path I found will inspire you to locate your own…

Love & Peace,

Monika 🙂