Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Today, people in the UK celebrate the strength of a mother. We appreciate how sacrificial, powerful, and instrumental she is in our lives… Yet, this poem approaches motherhood from a slightly different angle. This is a piece about her strength, but it is about her humanity as well.  It culminates in the revelation of the Source of that strength which we love to celebrate & admire. Happy Mother’s Day! MOTHER’S SECRETS *** Many times, mama … Continue reading Mother’s Secrets – Poem

Do Lend Me Your Ears

I am so pleased to let you know that my book “Do Lend Me Your Ears” is available right now. This collection of poems & short stories is designed to entertain and empower. The book’s ‘tales’ often begin amid life’s conflicts & complicated relationships with oneself, God & men. They will, however, take you on a quest to unexpected resolutions & positive transformations. It is a book of emotionally … Continue reading Do Lend Me Your Ears

“Goodnight Oral Roberts”

The article “Goodnight Oral Roberts” was written almost five years ago – soon after the man passed away… The article was written for a Christian magazine called “Trailblazer”, which focused mainly on exploring the ways of people who paved the way for others. One of these people was definitely Oral Roberts… I am coming back to appreciate and to share this piece not only because … Continue reading “Goodnight Oral Roberts”