Art of Books – Start Them Young

BL S & IMy kids and I have just visited the British Library for the very first time. Loooved it! Would you agree that there’s beauty in being surrounded by books, books, and… you guessed it… more books?

I was amazed by the King’s Library and the ancient historical treasure Codex Sinaiticus (Sinai Bible) displayed in one of BL’s exhibitions. Reportedly, the latter was produced in the middle of the 4th century and it is the earliest complete manuscript of the New Testament plus the best witness for some books of the Old. Usually, members of the public aren’t allowed to take pictures of it, but if you ask it will be given as the book says… So, I asked and received the permission to take one shot. Thank you, kind BL person! 🙏 Please check it out in My Instagram Highlights “Art of the Book”, if interested. 📸 I was told that people come from all over the world to see the Codex as well as Magna Carta which is another significant part of the same exhibition…

When gazing at the tall glass tower of the King’s Library, my daughter (photographing Anne Frank’s sculpture in the pic above) sighed loudly with her arms wide open as if trying to embrace the volumes. This rather theatrical scene caught the eye of a passer-by stranger who then smiled at me briefly amused by her “ode to the books lookalike”.

sang ode.gif

  • “Amazing, isn’t it?” I said acknowledging the book tower.
  • “Yes, it is” he answered.

That was it! He went on his way and so did we… No one said a word about my book–aficionado’s symbolic, although exaggerated, gesture. Yet, it brought about a brief, memorable moment of connection between us book lovers. 😂 Soon after, another passer-by glanced at my kids aged 6 – 12, smiled at me and said: “It’s good to start them young”.

  • “That is so true.” I replied.

And then, my son dropped a bombshell (in my mind) saying that the library was a great place to hang out… ‘What?!’  the fun-police in me reacted on the inside, ‘we’re here to LEARN – not hang out! You’re here to expand your minds, blah, blah, blaaaaah…’ ‍Thank God, after my brief internal turmoil, it clicked… He just needs to fall in love with the atmosphere… Of course, I want my children to see the library as a great hang out spot (sort of).

It was wonderful to explore knowledge with themphysical books, books on the screen, history, a little bit of art and music from Chopin to strangely sounding noises which resembled mating birds more than anything else. For a few hours, we have walked up and down the national library. By the end of the day, they were gloriously exhausted (no bedtime drama) and enriched at the same time… It was good for mama too.

So, stay calm and keep on turning one another into a book lover… If you’re a parent do start them young. 🤸‍♂️🤹‍♂️🤸‍♀️

And, if you’re into poetry and/or books about relationships please check out my Poetry Collection “Love, Don’t Fear.


“I am a London based writer.”

As a W.W.W.W (world wide web writer), I tend to receive sponsorship/partnership proposals from different countries. I am grateful & very appreciative of them and hope to continually see them coming 🙂 Hence, having recently noticed that one of the most frequently asked first questions as far as these inquiries are concerned, was: “Where are you based?” I thought to write  this short location specific post which answers it for good hopefully. Or not. I am quite certain that there will be someone somewhere who will soon ask yet again, “So, where are you based, dear?” (Feel free to ask) 🙂 I am a London based writer.

Writing process is often much more fun with a few pics and stories attached, therefore… All pics were taken in this Crazy, Never Lazy Centre of Everything, in Europe.

akoko & meakoko alone

These ones above were taken at Trafalgar Square where you see me checking out the blue chicken behind me. My initial thought was: “What on earth, is this blue chicken statue doing amongst the statues of kings, admirals & lords, including the lion guarded column of Nelson?” Then, I figured that I didn’t need to have a negative opinion about the presence of a chicken, which has no relevance to my life or destiny. Hence, I decided not to attempt to understand the chicken. Rather, I found it more beneficial to just enjoy the chicken a.k.a ‘akokɔ’ (as my Twi-non speaking son would call it).

Art is a creature which often defies the status quo by simply doing its own thing, without trying to explain or satisfy opinions. It’s a good thing (when it’s a good thing, of course). Therefore, if there is a blue chicken, let there be… a blue chicken, in Trafalgar Square!charing cross

charing cross wallMoving on… Here is my underground selfie at the Charing Cross underground station, and its great artistically historical wall. I wasn’t able to take a good photo of the wall, therefore I googled it for you 🙂 Oh, and there we are (shy little photo below) … We i.e. residents of London walking faster than moving, red double-deckers, which London is also well-known for. No, this Big Red Riding Hood is stationary, but the point is well made – London is a fast City, so if you’d like to join in… put on your running shoes 🙂

double-decker photo

virginia-woolf-british-writer[1]I have lived here for the past ten years. I am still in love with the city. However, London is capable of squeezing stuff out of you, if you allow it. Virginia Woolf (the lady on the pic), a celebrated English writer, sounds like someone who knew something about it. The following is a brief conversation, excerpted from the movie “Hours”, between Virginia and her husband Leonard. She’s trying to convince the man that they should move back to London, from Richmond where they lived at the time:

Virginia Woolf: “… My life has been stolen from me. I’m living in a town I have no wish to live in… I’m living a life I have no wish to live… How did this happen? … I’m dying in this town.”

Leonard Woolf: If you were thinking clearly, Virginia, you would recall it was London that brought you low. ..

Virginia Woolf: If I were thinking clearly? If I were thinking clearly?

Leonard Woolf: We brought you to Richmond to give you peace…

Virginia Woolf: … “I choose not the suffocating aesthetic of the suburbs, but the violent jolt of the Capital, that is my choice. … I wish, for your sake, Leonard, I could be happy in this quietness. [Pause] But if it is a choice between Richmond and death, I choose death.

Draaamaaaa, I know. Yet, I am able to relate to Virginia’s excessive, self-destructive nature as well as to her love for the Capital.  I understand her struggle – London (life) can be a tough cookie & you’d better have God on your side (with you on His side), if your teeth are to remain capable of biting it for a very long time… However, life is definitely the only choice for me!

As for now, I am a London based writer with a poetry book awaiting to be let loose on the world. I would love to connect with a literary agent who’s ready for the challenge. My book consists of 25 amazing poems. One can find elements of a memoir, reflections & great story telling on it’s pages. The beautiful poetical pieces are well-written, often amusing, always refreshing & inspiring. The book is a lot like this blog, or my Author’s Page (click click). It is a lot like me: Inspired Polish/Nigerian “adopted” by Britain & married to a Ghanaian with a Portuguese surname. I’m an enthusiast of the Spanish language (probably until I’ve mastered it, then might become a fan of another. Or not. God knows 🙂 4 More about This London Writer (click click) I do appreciate different cultures & believe that everyone everywhere has an amazing potential & uniqueness unmatched by any other.

I look forward to hearing from you – whoever you are, wherever you are. Especially if you’re around the corner, you are passionate, good at what you do & able to believe in what I do.

As for you, my dear readers & friends, I remain a citizen of the world, who is… but a click away 🙂

Love you all,

Monika, the London based writer 🙂