About Me

Hey! It’s Monika Ribeiro. I’m a Polish Nigerian storyteller. I was born and raised in Poland. Currently live in London, UK. Yes, Ribeiro is a Portuguese surname… Let me explain.

I’m married to a Ghanaian, and the Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in Ghana which used to be known as The Gold Coast. They found gold there…

I digressed… Sorry. I do that, sometimes.

I write because I have to and love to… I help others write because I can. I’m a trained editor and journalist, with a master’s degree in marketing and management. But… once upon a time, my soul got temporarily hijacked by… poetry… Still love it but I’m back from captivity.

Monika Ribeiro portfolioI used to contribute to various UK based publications. Still do, sometimes. I love stories and how they help people become better by inspiring, entertaining and/or educating… Okay, fine. Not all stories do that. Some do the exact opposite, but I expect my written words to do just that, at all times. Please do tell me if you think they comply.

My favourite Polish dish – Pierogi aka Dumplings… Nigerian? Akara.

This time, I digressed on purpose. I thought you might want to know. 😉

So far, I have written two poetry/short story collections “Love, don’t Fear” and “Do Lend Me Your Ears”. They’re still available on Amazon. Two new books I’m working on now are my debut novel titled “Everywhere and Always” and a nonfiction book titled “How to Write and Self-Publish a Book”.

But let’s just enjoy the present moment. Right now, I’m enjoying being read by you. I hope you’re enjoying me too. Please check out my blog, if you do.

If you have a personal or business-related question/comment, please contact me directly at e: monika@monikaribeiro.net


To find out more ‘About this Blog’ please go to:

https://monikaribeiro.net/about-the-blog/ 😉

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