Hey! It’s Monika Ribeiro. I’m a Polish Nigerian storyteller. I was born and raised in Poland. Currently live in London, UK. Yes, Ribeiro is a Portuguese surname… Let me explain.

I’m married to a Ghanaian, and the Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in Ghana which used to be known as The Gold Coast. They found gold there…

I digressed… Sorry. I do that, sometimes.

I write because I have to and love to… I help others write because I can. I’m a trained editor and journalist, with a master’s degree in marketing and management. But… once upon a time, my soul got temporarily hijacked by… poetry… Still love it but I’m back from captivity.

Monika Ribeiro portfolioI used to contribute to various UK based publications. Still do, sometimes. I love stories and how they help people become better by inspiring, entertaining and/or educating… Okay, fine. Not all stories do that. Some do the exact opposite, but I expect my written words to do just that, at all times. Please do tell me if you think they comply.

My favourite Polish dish – Pierogi aka Dumplings… Nigerian? Akara.

This time, I digressed on purpose. I thought you might want to know. 😉

So far, I have written two poetry/short story collections “Love, don’t Fear” and “Do Lend Me Your Ears”. They’re still available on Amazon.

If you have a personal or business-related question/comment, please contact me directly at e: monika@monikaribeiro.net

To find out more ‘About this Blog’ please go to:


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