Rediscovering “Love, don’t Fear”: Poetry Collection You May Have Missed

If you are a fan of thought-provoking and emotionally charged poetry, let me remind you about my book! 📚”Love, don’t Fear” is a powerful poetry collection that explores the complexities of relationships, especially the ones that leave you feeling tangled and conflicted.

I know we’ve passed Valentine’s Day, but these aren’t fluffy poems about chocolates and flowers (though a few might be just that). Instead, “Love, don’t Fear” delves deep into the raw emotions and inner turmoil that come with navigating complex relationships. These poems will take you on a journey of self-reflection and understanding – from heartbreak and betrayal to self-discovery and spiritual healing.

Still trying to figure out if it’s for you?

Well, singer-songwriter Ayo said this about my book: “I would recommend this book to anyone who has been or is going through turbulence – not only in romantic affairs like marriage, for instance, but also in friendships, family connections and others… This book is powerful, yet it is simple. You might appreciate it even if you’re not a huge fan of poetry….”

Get your copy on Amazon today and enjoy these poems’ raw and honest beauty! 🌟Happy post-Valentines!

Here’s one poem to give a little taste of what this poetry collection has to offer:

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