Everywhere & Always – A Story Waiting to be Told

“It was one of those afternoons when the beautiful summer sun chased even zealous hermits out their four walls. All but one. Her curtains were closed all day. She didn’t notice the sun’s rays and her skin couldn’t feel its warmth…”

Yes, there’s a new book in the making!

The first draft is done. Yuppie! However,… Yes, there’s a however… I have a bunch of revisions ahead of me still. There’s a vague release date in my mind but I’m not going to share it just yet. Undoubtedly, it is going to take some time before the book’s out. That’s not a bad thing though. Quality is what I’m after…

So, I’ve already spent some time revising the first chapter – over and over and over again…

I believe it is strong enough to capture your imagination, but… Yes, there’s a “but”. I thought it’d be smart to ask a few other storytellers for feedback. I’m waiting to hear from them, at the moment. Once I’m confident that I’ve done the chapter justice I am going to share it with my e-mail subscribers. I can’t wait!

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So now… The title…  [drumroll] “Everywhere & Always”

It is a story of a multiracial friendship between four people from  different cultural backgrounds… Taking place in a world that doesn’t always get it… It is about their pursuit of happiness; identity search and breaking away from the society’s expectations to pursue their own respective destinies…

Life events force Ai, Alma, Emilio and Jack to face their fears and make choices: love or money; truth or freedom; forgiveness or torment, sadness or joy… Ohhh…

I feel like giving away a little more… I hope this isn’t a spoiler. Nope, I don’t think it is. The book begins with “trouble in paradise”. Yes, their friendship is tested, and the journey begins. I’ll add this for good measure – one of the characters is a drama queen… who’s suffering from depression to top it all off.

But don’t worry – the others are lovely… or not… 😉

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4 thoughts on “Everywhere & Always – A Story Waiting to be Told

  1. In terms of style, that header quote looks promising — engaging, direct and crisp in word choice and sentence structure. In terms of content, I love that you have chosen a multiracial friendship between four people of different demographics. The twitterverse today has discouraged so many people from writing of anyone outside of their own demographic for fear of being called out and scarlet lettered. We need more people to imagine themselves into the shoes of the Other, instead of putting “do not cross” walls around this or that demographic and guarding our turf. You, and by extension your readers, should help in that cause.

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment, Daedalus. I feel the same way… I also happen to be half Polish and half Nigerian, married to a Ghanaian and living in London, UK. So, I feel like I have the right and a responsibility to show that really… there’s only one race – human race. Your comment is very encouraging. Thank you for taking a moment to leave it. 🙂

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  2. Best of luck with it, Monika. We need more writers — and more people — like you. In the past 3 years, I’ve hitchhiked through 11 European countries, 2 Latin American, plus the US. Especially in Europe, I’m picked up every day by multiple nationalities from multiple continents — Russians, North Africans, Central Africans, Poles, Czechs, Indian, Iranian, Brits, Syrians, Germans. Most interesting was a tour bus in Belgium with an Italian driver and a bus full of your fellow Ghanaians. Wonderful people, much laughter and snack-swapping, but no one spoke English so I never quite figured out why a tour bus with an active tour was picking up hitchhikers 🙂 Anyway, the willingness of all people everywhere to help out a stranger across demographic lines is amazing. If you get your info about the world from the US news, you’d think it’s all battle lines between races and ethnicities, but all I found was helping hands and new friendships in every direction — and a few laughs at the occational accidental cultural faux pas. Tell your Polish half that Poland was an especially friendly country for hitchhiking, despite the opaque language 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Daedalus,

      This is a beautiful testimony. I think we need more people like you too – open to people and not distracted by their outer shells or even foreign language. Wouldn’t it be great if stories like the one you’ve just shared were highlighted in the news… We need more stories that bring people together and less of those that tear us apart. 🙂

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