Poppy Love – Poem

.Poppy Love

Sweet-smelling scents spilled all over the room

Such beautiful fragrances… foreshadowing gloom


She smelled like a flower and looked the same,

but her tongue was a fire – every word was a flame

That day, her aim was to inflict pain…

Still, he tried to give love – again, and again


He believed they were soul-mates and that she was kind

Although most of the time, she was selfish and blind

Still, she smelled so good… how strange…

He embraced this pain, never asked her to change


She was his first and yes… he was hers

She was his woman, and he was her man

But she was a girl, and he was a boy

It got twisted when the two became one….


He wanted to stay, but she chased him away

And then, the smell took over the room…

Sweet aromas of hope turned to odors of doom

What looked like a blessing has become a curse

He wrote poems about her…, but now…

He was tortured by every verse


And perfume… that spilled on the floor

When its cute vintage bottle smashed against the door,

or maybe, it was shuttered by the sound of her shout…

Never mind, broken glass and the smell ushered him out


So, he cried “goodbye” to his bucket list

She was the world he wanted to travel…

And the only country he has ever kissed…


His mind had lost sight, hence the smell became stronger

He run to the door – couldn’t bear it much longer!.

“He is super weird…” people say, to this day

“Beautiful fragrances make him run away!”.

When she left him, he wanted to die

As a matter of fact, he did try…,

but his mother came home early, that day

“Puppy LOVE”, they call it…

“It’s so sweet”, they say.




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Monika Ribeiro (writer/poet)

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