Remember Your Future – Poem

Hope Endures

Remember your future

When the past is bleak

Remember Tomorrow

When you’ve had a tough week

or a year, even many tough years…

That have left you discouraged and weak


I pray for your strength

When you’re weary and drained

That you focus your mind

On remembering good days

Again, and again, and again…


Just remember your future,

Picture it in your mind

Decide what you want

What it will be like…


Stop remembering your past

Don’t repeat old mistakes

Start remembering your future

Let it find you prepared ♥


2 thoughts on “Remember Your Future – Poem

  1. I have heard from so many gifted people who channel that time doesn’t exist on the Other Side and that past, present and future are in the now. But because I don’t remember, so remembering the future is kind of difficult..ha..ha. If not, I will scan my potential future. 😉


  2. Hi there, Thank you for the comment – it’s interesting. 🙂 The title is a metaphor (to me). We often focus on the past so much that we get stuck and cannot create anymore, so then we just walk into our futures by default. Remember your future means (to me) create positive images of the future you want while forgetting the old stuff you don’t want. That’s just my interpretation. Thank you for sharing yours 😉


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