WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

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My website is powered by WordPress.com, and I’ve recently started contributing as the CMS Community expert. Yet, I have also worked on websites & blogs created on the WordPress.org platform. Are you undecided about which platform to pick?

I need to let you know that I am not technical in any way, and I don’t have a technical team at my disposal. Hence why, WordPress.com was an obvious choice for me. If your situation is similar to mine (no tech team or skills) my suggestion is: forget WordPress.org for now.

However, if you are technically inclined and want to have full control (as well as responsibility) over code and the other technical bits, WordPress.org may be the right platform for you. Then again, unless you really know your stuff, start small. I believe in learning by doing, but if your site needs to be available and functional ‘yesterday’ – choose .com

Here’s why:

  • On WordPress.com, technical skills aren’t necessary. There’s no need to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a server. You will be able to focus on creating amazing content and getting your work noticed from day one.
  • You can start for free. Simply sign up, choose the site’s name, template and start creating. Publish for free if you want to, and upgrade whenever you’re ready.
  • WP.com provides many themes/templates (free and paid) and built-in plugins hence you don’t need to download your own unless you choose to. Please click right here to read my previous post about Premium Themes and the Premium Plan.
  • The last point takes me to the Business Plan on WordPress.com (under $25.00 per month). The plan seems to be a middle ground between WP.com and WP.org. It enables the user to host on WordPress.com, yet one can still upload custom themes and plugins. The plan gives you access to advanced SEO features, enables Google Analytics integration and removal of the unwanted WordPress branding.

WordPress.com is a reliable option for individuals and businesses without technical skills at their disposal. WP doesn’t permit free trials on paid upgrades. 😦 However, you can cancel your plan upgrade and get a full refund within 30 days from purchasing. 😊

To find out more about WordPress.com or to sign up now click on this WP affiliate link:

Now… Code is poetry according to WordPress.org. Well, it’s the type of poetry I don’t understand, so I won’t pretend I know more about the self-hosted platform than I actually do. I have, however, seen and worked on some poorly designed websites. Therefore, I’d say don’t do it unless you know what you’re doing. Plus, you should be willing to put in the time and effort necessary. If not, make your life easier and your site’s visitors’ experience better by choosing WordPress.com.

WordPress.org software can be downloaded for free. However, it then needs to be installed on a web server so it can work. The user is responsible for researching and installing themes, plugins and so on. Having said that, there are WordPress.org forums which can be very helpful and agencies that specialize in developing WordPress.org sites. To find out more about WordPress.org click right here.

In summary, all roads lead neither to WordPress.com nor to WordPress.org The choice is yours, and should be made based on what you know, have (expertise, money, etc.) and what you want from your website.

Interesting fact: Some notable WordPress users include: The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Ebay, UPS, Sony, Jay-Z and more. And yes, there’s me and hopefully you as well. 😉

I hope this article was helpful. Please let me know if it’s so. Happy WordPressing!

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I write because I have to & love to… Writing helps me organize thoughts, understand life & address vital matters in a constructive way. I hope this blog satisfies your intellect & your soul at the same. Be inspired...

4 thoughts on “WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for this question. Although, I am not a WordPress.org expert, so please try the WordPress.org support forum – https://wordpress.org/support/ You should be able to find the answer there.

    If, for whatever reason, you can’t use AdSense consider WordAds. WordAds replaced AdSense on WordPress.com, so you can probably use them on .org as well.

    I hope this helps. All the best,



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