Which WordPress.com theme should I pick???

Are you a WordPress.com user or considering becoming one?

Are you wondering which Premium Theme you should purchase? 

My suggestion is “None”. Here’s why…

Let’s assume, you like the Ovation Theme, which is only $69.00. I agree, the theme isn’t very expensive, however, there is a much better deal to be made by you.

WordPress.com has many themes, both free and premium, at your disposal. If you want to buy a WP theme which happens to not be free, however, you’re likely to be much better off upgrading to a Premium Plan instead.

Why pay for the plan if all you want is that theme?

Well, let’s assume you purchase the Ovation theme which is only $69. Most likely you’re already paying the domain fee – $18.00 if registered through WordPress, or $13.00 for domain mapping if registered elsewhere. Then, you must have at least the Personal plan to maintain the site’s connection with your custom domain – another $35.88.

 All in all, you’d be paying:

  • Ovation Theme – $69.00
  • Domain Fee – $18.00
  • Personal Plan – $35.88

Sum = $122.88 per year

Now, let’s say you decide to follow my advice and Upgrade to the Premium Plan instead. Here’s what you’ll get for only $99.00.

  • All Premium Themes (Included)
  • Domain (Included)
  • Premium Theme (Included)

Sum = $99.00 per year

Yes, there are Premium Themes cheaper than Ovation, but do the maths first. Consider all your annual expenses, and take the benefits of having the Premium Plan upgrade into account. One of those additional benefits is that you can change your Theme if you get bored within the year.

For example, you could go for the Aquene Theme which is sold for $125.00 (the image above). Yes, it’s more expensive than the plan, but purchasing the upgrade means you’d have purchased the very theme too. Is this a better deal, or what???

I hope this helps you make your choice, especially if you are a new WordPress.com user. Please let me know if it does…

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Happy Customizing & Happy WordPressing!

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Monika Ribeiro (writer/poet)

I write because I have to & love to… Writing helps me organize thoughts, understand life & address vital matters in a constructive way. I hope this blog satisfies your intellect & your soul at the same. Be inspired...

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