‘The Most Beautiful Poem’

You are the most beautiful Poem

That has never been written

You just are & are & are…


No beginning and no end –

Each word perfect & declares

Love for me & humankind… More Love


I don’t tend to write your praises

My lines cannot match your Greatness

But I see & know that there is not one above.


You are the Most Beautiful Poem

I did not write You.  You wrote us…

I am Yours. Yes, I know. I am Yours!

You are Mine.


Tribute to the One Who was,

Who is… and Who is to come.

Published by

Monika Ribeiro (writer/poet)

I write because I have to & love to… Writing helps me organize thoughts, understand life & address vital matters in a constructive way. I hope this blog satisfies your intellect & your soul at the same. Be inspired...

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