Daughter of the world


She was a daughter of the world, my dear…
What else did you hope you would see her be?

She was a daughter of the world, you know?
Yes! You knew she was – she did tell you so…

By the way she moved and the way she spoke

You said she was the one, and then you took her home
Aware of who she was – the daughter of the world

Yet, why would you blame her for your fall?
She was a woman of the world, after all…

You believed you could resist because you were strong

You engaged in your deceitful talk – a little too long

She was falling; of course she made you fall –

Extremely fast and extremely low

You opened the door of your universe for her
Wide open – to be torn apart as she entered there

She was a child of the SKY –
A beauty of the Beast, but you… came

From then – within His beautiful temple

Right into the present – un-covered… in shame

Your muse was nothing less and she was nothing more
Than… a totally faithful daughter of this unfaithful world

‘Wahala’ was her name. ‘Wahala’ she was called

She was a daughter of the world –
With all her heart, her mind, her soul…

 Set her free… Why won’t you, baby?

Set me free… …In Him…
I am no more who I used to be…

By Monika Ribeiro

Meaning of “wahala”: trouble

Published by

Monika Ribeiro (writer/poet)

I write because I have to & love to… Writing helps me organize thoughts, understand life & address vital matters in a constructive way. I hope this blog satisfies your intellect & your soul at the same. Be inspired...

2 thoughts on “Daughter of the world

    1. Dear Sage,

      Thank you for this comment…

      The first part of this poem/prose refers to blaming another for the way our life turned out. At some stage in life, everyone has entered a relationship knowing that the person we chose wasn’t good for us; or we might have been in the right relationship but with our guard let down… Of course, these situations usually end in pain…

      After the pain, there is a strong tendency to blame another while failing to recognize how we opened the door to mistreatment. Nevertheless, understanding/recognizing how we opened that door and accepting our own failures helps us to learn from experience…

      The end is really the opening because it calls for forgiveness. Forgiveness is the end of the pain for the one who forgives and the beginning/healing of the relationship between the estranged parties (if such should follow)…

      I’ve performed this poem only a few times, but each time people asked, ‘What happens next?’ Most feel like the story hasn’t ended yet… I wanted one to write their own ending though (to some extent), while considering the poem’s appeal to let go of the pain and to release the “perpetrator”…

      This poem was given to me when I was being blamed/criticized for having been the daughter of the world… Having said that, the daughter of the world may as well be the son of the world – the principle here works for both sexes…

      There is a lot more to this poem, which I hope to discuss in more detail at some point. Currently, I’m also working on another piece, which (I think) is a follow up on d “Daughter of the world”. The ‘coming up’ poem will hopefully shed more light making the story feel slightly more complete.

      Monika :)


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